Legal warning

Legal information of our company

Trade name

In accordance with the established thing in article 10 of Law 34/2002, into 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce (in future, LSSI-CE), one inquires into express, precise and unequivocal way, as much to the adressees of the service as the competent organs, of the following aspects regarding the lender of services of the society of the information:

NAME/SOCIAL DENOMINATION: Cubenode System S.L (Volume 1554, book 0, folio 37, leaf GR-46529 Inscription 1 Seat 134-1771).
NIF: B19578707.
PROFESSIONAL HEAD OFFICE/: C the trout, Victoria Building, 3-5ºA, 18015 Granada (Granada).
CONTACT TELEPHONES: TLF: +34 958 07 33 16.

General conditions

The use of our webpage €œYour Hosting Store€ supposes the total acceptance on the part of the client of all our policies, terms and effective and set out conditions of use in the foot of our webpage. Therefore, we requested that it reads everything at great length. In case of not being in agreement with its content abstain to make use of our services.

If you are in agreement with our policies, terms and conditions of use, she is committed to make an suitable use of the contracted services. This obligation supposes not to use these services and contents of opposite form, nor to use them for illicit, fraudulent, opposite activities to the good faith or the public order.

In order to accept our policies, terms and conditions of use, you will have to in the last click on all the squares of selection passage of the process of hiring. On the contrary he will not be able to continue with the process of hiring of the services.

Department of Attention to the Commercial Client and:

- For Pre-sale consultations, it can communicate with us from our form of contact, by the chat of our webpage or calling to our telephone of attention to the client: +34 900 52 52 43.

- For consultations on any technical doubt, commercial or it helps to manage his service, the contact method has to be realised via Chat from our webpage or Ticket through its area of client.

* Our schedule of attention to the commercial client and is of Monday through Friday of 9:00 a.m. - 20:00 p.m., Saturdays of: 9:00 a.m. - Peninsular 18:00 hour p.m. of (CEST).

Department of Incidences (24/7/365):

- For any technical consultation on incidences you record, of the type: falls on watch, blockades of access or any incidence of high priority, will have to contact via ticket the department of incidences.

* This department is operative every day of the week, the 24 hours of the Day (24/7/365), through its area of client, opening a ticket to the department of incidences.

If the consultation is not realised by this method outside commercial schedule Your Hosting Store h¡ra contingency not covered by law of the same, since the other departments and methods of contact are not supervised outside commercial schedule.

The connection to open a ticket to the department of incidences is: To open Ticket to the Department of Incidences.

* In case the consultation is realised by chat, one asked for to the client his credentials to him of access to verify that he is the proprietor of the service.

* In case the consultation is not realised by the corresponding method Your Hosting Store will ignore the same.