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Composer and Psychologist. Formed in the Conservatory of Madrid with Carmelo Bernaola, she extended studies in Darmstadt, the EMS of Stockholm and the Université Paris VIII. She followed courses with Luis de Pablo, Olivier Messiaen, George Benjamin, Magnus Lindberg, Philippe Manoury, Tristan Murail…

Doctor in Composition and New Technologies by the University of Alcala, is also Psychologist and Gestalt Therapist, formed with Paco Peñarrubia and Claudio Naranjo, and Licensed in Rythmical Jacques-Dalcroze by the Dalcroze Institute of Geneva.

Of its extensive work they emphasize the operas the crystal of Cold Water (libretto of Rosa Montero) and Scenes of life daily; the Concert for two pianos and orchestra; Light, for cord orchestra; The water and the dreams, for two pianos; Soledad Sonora, for piano; and music for the dumb film passion of Jeanne d'Arc, Dreyer. Their works interpret in the main cycles of concerts and festivals.

In 2009 Sello Author published the CD “the Water and the Dreams, dedicated to its work for piano, interpreted by Carmen Martínez-Pierret.

She is Professor in the Teresa Berganza Conservatory (Madrid) and in the School of Art therapy of the Mediterranean (Barcelona).


f_020304GALICIAN Geneviève  

After to have been Professor of French and Plastic Arts, and to exert the Pedagogical Direction of a Secondary Training center in France, Geneviève Gallego takes its first steps in the land of the sculpture in 1996. It recognizes then the wood as his favorite material – diverse wood, as the juniper, the oak, the boxwood, heather, the chestnut tree, the wood family known as prunus… – with clear preference by which they have registered in his veins his history, to that Geneviève incorporates hers own one.

Little by little, the practice of this art and the personal vision that Geneviève Gallego contributes the same, affirm as an essential element of their life as creator. It undertakes then through the sculpture – that practice in parallel to the painting and the writing a personal search that leads it to explore the subjects of the memory and collective and individual history; as well as the subject of the place that each individual occupies – and in particular the woman in the world.

Their sources of inspiration are the observation of the events and the beings, as well as the matter that works; and its objective is to catch all the energy that them is come off, nourishing, thus, its creative imagination.

Geneviève Gallego frequently exhibits its works (statues and bas-relief of wood, paintings, texts) in France and Spain. He has played exhibitions on diverse subjects (the woman, the track, the writing…) in the Turret of Canfranc, within the cultural programming parallel to the Pyrenean international festivals Classic and Jazzetania.

Geneviève Gallego lives and works in Saint-Martin, small town of the French Pyrenees.

More on Geneviève Gallego in http://www.genevievegallego.fr


OlgaRueda - foto2018Olga ROLLS 

I am investigator of Audio-visual Psycotherapy. Work as psychologist-psychotherapist and didacta. By my formation as producer has interested to me to create methodology to apply in therapeutic and educative contexts, using the new audio-visual technologies and the therapy gestalt. At the moment I am centered in the use of mobiles as tool of immediate and universal use for the videoterapia and the videoarteterapia.


• Doctoral Thesis “Videoterapia does PhD in Education (2017): The model of group Videogestalt as audio-visual psycotherapy Independent University of Madrid.
• Diploma of Advanced Studies. (2010) Programa Interuniversitario (UAM/UCM/UV): Applications of the art in social integration; art, therapy and education in the diversity. Investigation: “The technique of the sequence of cinema as subjective technique in videoterapia.
• Interuniversity program of doctorate in contemporary philosophy (2007). MADRID UNIVERSITY.
• Lawyer in Clinical Psychology (2003) UNED.
• Graduated in Gestalt Therapy (2000) by the AETG
• Integrative psycotherapy and Psychology of the Eneatipos. (1996-2000) SAT Program. Levels I to the V. Dr. Claudio Naranjo.
• Specialist in Image and Sound. (1986) Branch: Accomplishment of TV. IORTV of RTVE


• Consultation deprived from 2003 (espaciointerno psychology)
• Associated Sanitary psychologist not 18234-M.
• Psychotherapist, Didacta and Supervisora of the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy credited by the FEAP.
• Videoterapeuta credited by the Spanish Federation of Arteterapeutas FEAPA/Latin American Association of Arteterapeutas, AFIA.
• Professional formation and supervision. Annual cycle of psychopathology for gestaltistas/annual Cycle of Videoterapia (the 2004-present time) internal space. Madrid.
• Educational, tutorial and supervisor Classroom the Montera. Seville Guibor To Corunna/Basque School of Gestalt Therapy. San Sebastián/Equipment Center. Madrid Madrilenian School of Gestalt Therapy. (the 2000-present time)/UCM/UAM/GRAPE. Masters of Art therapy and Artistic Education Social Inclusion (2010-2012)
• Accomplishment of TV: The TVE (1987-1991); Group Antena3 TV/Guadiana productions (1993-1997); Vía Digital /Telson/Grupo Avanzit (1997 - 2003)


In 2004 I initiated the investigation with the Factory of Experimental Videoterapia, lab of methodologic development for the audio-visual psycotherapy that follows assets until the present time. I have published since then articles on my subject of main investigation: Vídeoterapia, cineterapia, videoarteterapia and audio-visual psycotherapy. Creating in 2009 Spanish the Videoterapia Association and Telematics Resources (aVERTe) and regularly participating in days, congresses and calls realising communications, samples, courses, presentations and factories in this matter:

“Psycotherapies in network: new channels, new codes. III National C. of Psycotherapy FEAP. 9-12 nov. 2017. Madrid. Days 2017. Visual and Scenic psychology, Arts. Sample of videoterapia. COPM. Official school of Psychologists of Madrid. Psicoartaes. Videoterapia with mobiles. III C.Nacional de Gestalt. Malaga. 2017; Videoterapia and videoarteterapia with mobiles. Seminary of investigation in art therapy and artistic education for the social inclusion. 2017. UAM.; The videoterapia as process. V Jorn. Psycotherapy Humanist. 2017. Univ. Quotation marks, Madrid. FEAP.; “Hurt organism, videoarteterapia with mobiles. IV Jorn. of Art therapy ANDART. 2016. The Horseshoe; “Videoterapia with mobiles XXIX Jorn. Nationals AETG 2016. Univ. Extremadura. Cáceres; “Humanizing the Glance with Audio-visual, V Encounter Education, Fund. Claudio Naranjo, 2016. Buitrago; “Videoterapia with mobiles Jorn. RE_encuadrando the glance: photo and video in therapeutic spaces. Asoc. Latin American forum of Arteterapeutas, 2015 Madrid; “Opening the glance with audio-visual “IV Jorn. Psycotherapies Humanists, FEAP 2015. Madrid; The technique of the cinema-TSC sequence. II Jorn. of Videoterapia. AVERTE, 2014. Madrid; Profile in network for the identity. Group of therapy 2014-15 espaciointerno. Madrid; Lab Madrid. 2014-2015. Group of investigation to transdisciplinar; Videocollage “I exile of matria XXVII Jorn. Nationals Gestalt Therapy, AETG. 2014. Granada; Factory “Opening the Glance with Audio-visual. III Encuentro de Educadores Fund. Claudio Naranjo. 2014. Buitrago; Communication-factory “autoscopia and new methodologic resources in videoterapia II C. National FEAPA 2013, Alcorcón; The Identity and the emptiness. Video and meditation, 2013. Arbúcies. Center of retirements and meditation of the Montseny; The technique of the sequence of cinema 2013. Espaciointerno. Madrid; “Videoterapia, investigation of the self-concept through video. Incorporation of the work with mobile phones. 1a Ed. Masters in Art therapy. Univ. Pablo Olavide. 2012. Seville; “videogestalt group I Day of Videoterapia, Spanish Association of Videoterapia. AVERTE, 2012 Madrid; “Video experiences with mobiles. Group of Universal Education, 2011. Tremp/“the sequence of cinema without support as therapeutic tool and poster “audio-visual Applications in therapy, National I C. of Art therapy FEAPA, 2010, Girona. Factory of Experimental videoterapia from 2005 to the present time. Espaciointerno psychology. Madrid.

• Wheel, Or. (2017) Videoterapia: the group model of videogestalt as audio-visual psycotherapy. (Doctoral Thesis). Face. of F. Teaching staff and Education. UAM.
• Wheel, Or. (2015) “Videoterapia. The work with mobiles. Digital magazine of Creative Therapies, Number 5. 9-11.
• Wheel, Or. (2015). The factory of Experimental Videoterapia and the New Audio-visual Methodologies. Magazine of Communication and Health. Bowl 4, pp.99-107.
• Wheel, Or. (2014). The technique of the mirror in videoterapia. Art therapy. Papers of
Art therapy and artistic education for the social inclusion, 9, 263-272.
doi: 10.5209/rev_ARTE.2014.v9.47495
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Communication. II National Congress of Art therapy FEAPA. May, Alcorcón, Madrid.
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social, North America. Bowl.: 7, partido popular. 189-206; doi: 10.5209/rev_ARTE.2012.v7.40770
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Artistic, plastic and visual education. Face. F. Teaching staff and Education. UAM.
• Wheel, Or. (2007), Constructivist Gestalt; The self-concept in videoterapia.
(Tesina). Saragossa: Spanish association of Gestalt Therapy.
• Wheel, Or. (2005) Factory of Experimental Videoterapia. To explore the self-concept. To integrate the own image.






Versatile percussionist, has collaborated with musicians of jazz, flamenco, song and MGP (Tete Montoliu, Tito Puente, Carles Benavent, Perico Sambeat, Lluís Vidal, Charles Aznavour, Enrique Morente, Raimon, José Menese, Carmen Linares, Enrique Bunbury…); and with composers and interpreters of classic and contemporary music (Josep Pons, Joan Guinjoan, George Benjamin, Luis de Pablo, Joan Albert Amargós, Walter Boeykens, Carles Santos, Plácido Domingo, Jordi Savall…). He also acts with his own groups: BCN Percussion Project (with Mel Semé and Alan Sousa), Vibratango and the pair with the guitarist Narcís Vidal.

Outstanding educator, was founding of L'Aula de Música Modern i Jazz, and of Centre de Estudis Musicals of Barcelona; also it gave classes in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Author of Basic the Technical methods “of Batería' ‘and “Rythmical Reading I (ed. New Carisch), has received numerous prizes and distinctions, as the National of Music of the Catalan Autonomous Government or the one of the Association of Musicians of Jazz (Better Percussionist) of Catalonia.


It distributes numerous factories of Ethnic Percussion (Circles of Percussion) and Ritmología, as much for professionals of music as for amateurs, activity in which owns one long experience.

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