Carmen Martínez-Pierret

CarmenMART?NEZ-PIERRET3Of Carmen Martínez-Pierret the critic emphasizes its “deep and authentic sensitivity and its natural capacity to reveal “the dark side of music, describing it as “total medium between the composer and the listener.

It participates in numerous cycles of camera and festivals, as soloist or next to interpreters of the size of Gérard Caussé, Clara Cernat, Lluís Claret, Christophe Coin, Josep Colom, Guillaume de Chassy, Stéphanie-Marie Degand, Laia Falcón, Thierry Huillet, Michel Lethiec, Joan Enric Lluna, Israel Fausto Martínez, Alain Meunier, Marie-Paule Milone, Aurèle Nicolet, Denis Pascal, Mariana Todorova, Pavel Vernikov, Pierre-Henri Xuereb and the Orchestra of Camera of Toulouse, among others.

Its interest by cross-sectional projects – that make possible the confluence of diverse forms of artistic expression frequently leads it to the multidisciplinary creation. Martinez-Pierret has created and played diverse spectacles in collaboration with actors and reciters as Joan Manuel Serrat (Carnival of the Animal of Saint-Saëns), Philippe Nesme (Sati'Erik, Méphisto Drama and Satie Night club), Lucia Bosè (Quatuor pour the aim du temps of Messiaen), Fernando Palacios (Satanic Arachnids, Sports ET Divertissements, Histoire de Babar), Manu Fullola (the Aleph), Eric Pierrot (Résonance [s], Between deux guerres) and Didier Sandre (Them Pablo of the Paix: Casals – Picasso – Neruda). It has also collaborated with the choreographer and Véronique Ros ballet shoe of the Grange (Sati'Erik) and with the composer Bruno Coulais (Free Him of Saber). It played a chapter of the series Women in History (for the 2 of the TVE), in the paper of the composer and Pauline Viardot-García pianist.

Of his discography it is possible to emphasize Lalai, with works of European composers (foll. XVIII-XX); The Water and the Dreams (Seal Author), with the Integral for piano of the composer Marisa Manchado; Compliments with ?ngel Luis Quintana, Cello Soloist of the ONE; and Shut up Music, of Federico Mompou (for the French seal nuit transfigurée). All of them have obtained the highest distinctions on the part of the specialized critic.

As educator, it has distributed numerous courses and seminaries: Académie György Sébók (France), SIPO of Óbidos (Portugal), University Menéndez Pelayo de Santander, Hartt School of Music (the USA), École Regulate Alfred Cortot to him of Paris, CRR of Toulouse… He has been member of the jury of prestigious international contests, as those of Bordeaux (quartet of cord) and Epinal (piano).

Carmen Martínez-Pierret is Artistic Director of the Courses and Pyrenean International Festivals “Classic and “Jazzetania.


“In this concert, the one that has more made vibrate marrows of my sensitivity of all the Festival of Music of Alicante, Carmen Martínez-Pierret divulged the secrets to us of “the epidermis of the soul [...] Thanks to Carmen, total medium… of a concert thus is impossible to leave since it has entered; its track is, ineffaceable… This is music: Music.
José Luis López |

“The Festival Piano aux Pyrénées rose to beautiful tops of spirituality thanks to Carmen Martínez-Pierret. He was a true one to please to be able to listen to it again. It flattered to the extremely intense, sensible and a little while touching Festival with. It was inspired by the own sense of the term: lived by the Spirit.
Pierre Challier | The Nouvelle République

“… the Carmen Martinez pianist, perfectionist… a not submissive companion but, or on the contrary, a total camerista of personality, exposing to toucher delicate and full of shades, able to move in jeu powerfully rythmical under the telluric of the Pampan of Ginastera or the repetitive dynamics of the Grand Tango, almost symphonic impulse, of Astor Piazzolla.
Pierre Jeandidier | Liberté of l'Est

“Rarely is a pianist that has the so deep gift of and authentic sensitivity, to make see the ‘face it hides us’ of music. That is not learned: although it is possible to be cultivated, his source is in the very same genes. In addition, Carmen Martínez owns technical competition to give and to give [...] an interpreter not only in its artistic fullness, but in the inner fullness that the sensible listener perceives immediately.
José Luis López |

“… by the highest quality and interest exhibited in this disc, dedicated to the mystics four notebooks of Shut up Music, we must recognize that we were before a version that is around that they were until now of reference (those of Josep Colom, Javier Perianes and the same Frederic Mompou). Martinez-Pierret proposes a calm, slow reading, in which a spiritual and transcendental dimension of the music of Frederic Mompou is opened. Possessing of a special gift that extends the technical and mechanical aspects, the sound arisen from its pianismo Really takes implicit to the secrets of this music [...], an exquisite work.
Carles Brassó | Magazine 440 Clàssica

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