Junior now registers in the Course the Pyrenean International to you of Music:



The course Pyrenean Junior has had from its creation, in 2002, a primary objective: to motivate the small students of music and to offer new perspective to them in the way to understand and “to make the way of the musical learning.

In order to obtain it, we offer a pedagogy of high level, applied so much to each instrumental specialty as to diverse collective matters that we considered fundamental for the integral and harmonic development of the future musical: ethnic percussion, choral, rythmical song and mobility, improvisation, orchestra and instrumental group…

We include in this edition of the course a new collective matter: Experimental movement & Dance, distributed by the ballet shoe and actress Aloma Romero. And we propose, also for the first time, two Factories of Improvisation & Jazz: one of introduction to the Manouche Jazz for cord students, in charge of two of the most outstanding representatives of this musical style, the guitarist Albert Bello and the Oriol Saña violinist; another one of introduction to the Piano Jazz, that we have titled Piano without Score, distributed by the French pianist Guillaume de Chassy, one of the great ones of the European jazz. The section Agenda & Structure includes extensive information on these two new pedagogical proposals.

We also establish a new collaboration with Pilar García Segura, creator of the pedagogical project Estimúsica, that will be the person in charge to coordinate and to give the collective classes of the Kinder Formula, directed to children of 2 to 5 years of age, whether or are following some type of musical formation as if they begin of zero. An excellent option, therefore, for smallest, than also is going to be able “to learn to play with music… and in family!

The daily coexistence and the accomplishment, in parallel to the course, of activities of free time in the heat of nature and factories of environmental formation favor, in addition, the possibility of making new friendly that share the same interests and restlessness, especially the love by music. All this in extraordinary a natural place, Pyrenean Aragonese, causing therefore one of the best possible options for the summer of our children: the union of Music and Nature.

XVII the edition of our Pyrenean courses Júnior & Classic reunited in Canfranc more than 280 students, many of them accompanied by its families, as well as to a good number of professors who attended as listeners. And it is that to the attractiveness of our proposals a decisive factor is added: we count on a prestigious teaching staff, highly specialized and of reference in the land of the musical pedagogy.

The experiences lived in Canfranc during all these years reaffirm us in our conviction: the search of the technical and artistic excellence in the learning of an instrument is totally compatible with the possibility of enjoying this process to the maximum. In the same way, the concentration and the individual work that the practice of the instrument requires find its balance when it is combined with the possibility of coexisting and of sharing around music that provides the collective factories and the activities of free time.

As in previous editions, during the diverse week concerts will take place, including in the programming of Pyrenean the International Festivals of Music Classic and Jazzetania, that reason in parallel to the courses. Also there are preparation some parallel activities: cinema-forum, pedagogical chats, book colloquies, presentations, scores and discs, workshops… As much the pupils enrolled in the Pyrenees Junior as their companions will be able free of charge to attend all these concerts and activities, that we will be announcing opportunely.

The course will close with Hearing – Saturday 6 of July in the afternoon of the classes of Instrument and Creative Improvisation; and with already the traditional Concert of Closing – Sunday 7 of July by the morning in which the work carried out in the classes of Orchestra will appear, Instrumental Group, Ethnic Percussion, Choral Song and Dance, throughout the six school days. After the concert, all the students will receive an accrediting diploma of their participation.


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