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We present here to the teaching staff who will distribute XVIII the edition of the course, by alphabetical order.

Albert BELLO. Factory of Improvisation & Introduction to Jazz Manouche.

Albert Bello has become the maximum representative of the jazz manouche in Spain. Graduated in the Classroom as Music Modern and Jazz of the Conservatori Superior of Music of the Liceu of Barcelona and Licenciado by the Escola Superior of Music of Catalunya (ESMUC), he has extended his formation in numerous courses, factories and masterclasses.


2019_CastroSergio_ProfViolín_Color_MidRessAs interpreter, he emphasizes his work with the groups Folkincats, Albert Bello & Oriol Saña Experiment, Shine and Albert Bello Trío, with whom he has acted in more than 20 countries of Europe and America. Its shining trajectory has allowed him to share scene with the great figures of the jazz manouche: Tchavolo Schmitt, Sébastien Giniaux, Noé Reinhardt, Paulus Schäfer, Robin Nolan, Gwen Cahue, Fiona Monbet and Samy Daussat, among others.

Albert Bello is Director of the Festival Django L'H, President of the Association of Musicians and Fans to the Manouche Jazz and, from 2016, Artistic Director of the Festival Django Reinhardt de Liberchies (Belgium).

As educational, he is the coordinating creator and of the department of Manouche Jazz of the EMCA (Escola de Musica i Centre of them Arts de Hospitalet, Barcelona), the only school worldwide with a training program dedicated to the jazz manouche for children, young people and adults. He has created and published material pedagogical own: books of initiation, scores of stand for casks and books of technique and improvisation. It directs Between the Cords, cycle of masterclasses in which has had place already more than 50 activities, and in which have touched the most important musicians of manouche.

SERGIO CASTRO. Head of the Department of Cord | Masterclass de Violín.

It begins his studies of violin in Madrid, with Hermes Kriales, to continue them with Antonio Arias, of whom probably it inherits his pedagogical vocation. It realises the Degree Superior in Madrid with Víctor Martín.

In 1979 it enters in the Musikhochschule de Freiburg, Germany, being his teachers Nicolás Chumachenco (violin) and Wolfgang Marshner and Marçal Cervera (camera music). It realises diverse international courses in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, attending skillful classes of Aldo Parisot, György Sébók, Charles Libove, etc.


2019_CernatClara_ProfViolín_Color_HighRess_It is charter member of the Orchestra of Reina Sofía Camera, as well as of other groups of camera as the Trio Aroca, Ensemble Dawn, Gunter Raphael Quartet, Camerata of MadridFrom 1983 it comes exerting an intense pedagogical work, being frequently invited to distribute courses of teacher training in the Classroom of Music of the University of Alcala de Henares and in conservatories of different autonomous regions.

Prestigious educator, recognized international level, Sergio Castro has been professor of creative violin and of the Project of Didactics of the Cord in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Aragon. At the moment he is professor in the Victoria Conservatory of Los Angeles and School CEDAM of Madrid.


. Violin & Violates.

Been born in Romania, Clara Cernat studied with the teacher Stefan Gheorghiu in the Academy of Music of Bucharest, in which he graduated in 1995 with the highest distinctions. He soon perfected his knowledge in the Academy of Music of Bonn – with Igor Ozim – and in the Academy of Sion Music, Switzerland – with Tibor Varga. He obtained the First Prize in the international contests Città I gave to Andria and Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as Segundo Gran Premio and the Mozart Prize in the Kloster Schöntal.



He develops to a shining international race as viola and violin soloist, forming pair with the Thierry Huillet pianist. In the land of the camera music, he collaborates habitually with musicians of the size of Alain Meunier, Michel Portal, Ophélie Gaillard, Christoph Henkel and Mikhail Petukhov, and with formation as Soloists of Bucharest, Orchestra of Camera of Toulouse and the Orchestra of Tibor Varga Camera, among others. Clara Cernat is Professor Hors Classe de Violín and of Viola in the Conservatory & Musical Training center Superiors of Toulouse (France).

More information on Clara Cernat:

Paula TAILS.


It begins his studies in the Professional Conservatory of Majadahonda, with Javier Pérez and Víctor Ambroa, and it continues them in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Aragon, with professor Sergio Castro in the violin specialty and with the Quartet Casals, the Quiroga Quartet, Kennedy Moretti and Humberto Armas in the one of camera music. It studies later with Ildiko Oltai in the School of High Musical Studies of Santiago de Compostela; and it obtains the Great Diploma of Orchestral Specialization by the University of this same city. Later, it completes his formation with teachers as Nicolás Chumachenco, José Luis García Asensio, Isabel Vilá, Lothar Strauss, Stephan Picard, Viktor Tetriakov and Vera Martínez-Mehner.

As instrumentalist, Paula Colás collaborates frequently with these groupings: Young Orchestra of the Community of Madrid, Orchestra of Cadaqués, Andrés Segovia Orchestra, Orchestra Vigo 430, Aurora Festival Orchestra and Real Filharmonía Orchestra of Galicia.

Its interest by the pedagogy of the violin begins through work with professors Sergio Castro and Elvira López in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Aragon. It attends a Masters in Formation of Teaching staff by the University of Saragossa and, later, it realises all the levels of formation in Suzuki Method in the British Suzuki Institute. One forms, in addition, in the pedagogical methods Rolland and Music Mind Games (with Michiko Yurko, in London).


2019_DeChassyGuillaume_FotoColor_HighRess_It has distributed conferences on the Suzuki Method in the University of Santiago de Compostela, with whom it has collaborated in the creation of the educative project Nenorquestra.

From 2014, Paula Colás directs to the musical educative center In Key – Suzuki Method of Santiago de Compostela, in whom he also gives classes of Violin.

More information on Paula Colás and In Key:

CHASSY GUILLAUME. Factory Piano without Score & Introduction to the Jazz.

Pianist of classic formation, improvisador self-taught person forged in a mold that has so much of Thelonious Monk as of Sergei Prokofiev, Guillaume de Chassy is considered as one of the greatest French pianists of jazz. Sobriety and fervor in the expression, depth of the sound and reverence to the melody are their cardinal points, the keys of a poetic and singular universe. Widely praised by the press, its discography is the reflection of a personality that escapes to the classifications and of a always wide-awake creativity.

Guillaume de Chassy is a deeply appreciated musician in the world of the jazz, especially as member of the quartet Nouvelle Vague, of the Stéphane Kerecki double-bass player, in which he collaborates with the best French musicians (Emile Parisien, Jean-Charles Richard, Antonin Tri Hoang, Fabrice Moreau…). He has touched and recorded with historical figures of the international jazz as Paul Motian, Andy Sheppard, Mark Murphy, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, André Minvielle, Christophe Marguet and David Linx.

Their deep affinities with classic music have taken to him to collaborate with the Brigitte Engerer pianist, the baritone Laurent Naouri, the choir Them Eléments and its director, Joël Suhubiette.


FORCED THIN, Claudius - foto2016The interest by other forms of artistic expression has impelled to him to work in projects that combine text and music, collaborating especially with the great British actresses Kristin Scott-Thomas and Vanessa Redgrave.Excellent educator, Guillaume de Chassy directs to the Department of Jazz of the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional of Tours (France).

More information on Guillaume de Chassy in

FORCED Claudius. Violin


Doctor by the Birmingham City University, Claudio Forcada is author of a thesis on the effectiveness in the pedagogy of the violin. Expert in pedagogy of the stringed instruments – specialized in the works of Rolland, Suzuki, Zweig and Havas-, his international race takes to him to distribute some thirty courses and conferences every year, in countries as Iceland, England, Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Wales, El Salvador and Spain. Author of six documentary on pedagogy of the musical education and stringed instruments, gives class of both matters in the Valencian International University.



In 2012, Claudio Forcada received the Ernest Newman Prize of the Birmingham City University by its work on motor learning and instrumental pedagogy. In 2013 he received an official recognition of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, by his valuable contribution to the musical education in this country.

At present he directs courses for instrumentalist of cord and teacher training, that are celebrated with annual regularity in the United Kingdom. He is founding and member of the committee of administration of the NGO Children4Music and director of Future Music, a program of education through music for underprivileged children; he collaborates in the formation of professors for a social program in Goa (India), as well as in System-Portugal; and he is director of the Studio Forced in London.

More on Claudio Forcada in

EULÀLIA FORNELLS. Education of the Voice & Choral Song.

It studied Direction of Choir – with Nuria Fernández – and Vocal Technique – with Level Martinez-in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Saragossa, institution in whom it was calld as Professor Superior de Solfeo, Transposition and Support, and as Professor of Piano. Later, it realised numerous courses of choral direction with Lászlo Heltay, Maite Oca and Javier Busto.



It has worked as Professor of Musical Language, Choir and Music in THAT in diverse schools of music and institutes of Aragon.

At the moment it arranges his work as director of choir and professor with the coordination of the Infantile Choirs of the Aragonese Federation of Choirs, with headquarters in Saragossa.

From year 2009 it collaborates as Professor of Techniques of Direction in the Courses of Choral Direction of the University Carlos III of Madrid.


It initiates his studies in the Professional Conservatory of Music of Lalin (Pontevedra), with Iliá Keilin and Tatiana Cucerenco, obtaining the Fin de Grado Prize; and it continues them in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Aragon, under the trusteeship of professors ?ngel Luis Quintana and Barbara Switalska. It extends his formation in the Conservatory della Italian Svizzera (Lugano, Switzerland), where of Arts in Music realises the Master Performance in the interpretation specialty, with the Italian cellist Enrico Dindo. In that one period edition of the USC-Soncello Prize is winning from 1ª for young cellists.

It receives skillful classes of Arto Noras, Steven Isserlis, Anne Gastinel, Xabier Gagnepain, Lluis Claret, Asier Polo, Susana Stefanovic, Marçal Cervera and Rocco Filippini, among others. In camera music one forms mainly with the Quiroga Quartet, with Humberto Armas and François Benda.

2019_GarcíaSeguraPilar_ProfColecKinder_Color1_MidRessThe 14 years it enters to comprise of the Young Orchestra of the Symphonic one of Galicia, and later joins the Young National Orchestra of Spain. It obtains the Great Diploma of Orchestral Specialization through the Escola de Altos Estudos Musicais de Santiago de Compostela, collaborating simultaneously with the Real Filharmonía of Galicia. It also collaborates with the Symphony orchestra of Galicia, the Orchestra 430 Vigo and the Orchestra of Cadaqués.

Its interest in the pedagogy takes it to form in the Suzuki methodology with professors Arantza Lopez and Eulàlia Subirà. It is also in possession of the Masters in Formation of Teaching staff by the University the International of Valencia.

At the moment it arranges his interpretative work with the educational one, that in center develops to educative musical comedy In Key – Suzuki Method (Santiago de Compostela) and in the Professional Conservatory of Music of Melide (To Corunna)

TO POUND SAFE GARCIA. Learning To play with Music | Collective Kinder.

  • Mª Pilar García Segura is the creator of the Estimúsica Program, designed with the purpose of to cover the necessity that has the Infantile Schools of First Cycle of a specific musical project for these ages (of 0 to 3 years).
  • Later, Pillar has developed from Estimúsica, in collaboration with its equipment, everything a set of projects for children of 3 to 6 years, with the aim of giving service to the educative community, to families and professionals of the sector of the education.
  • Of the extensive formation of Pilar García Segura, it is possible to emphasize the following academic degrees:
  • Doctorate: Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA). Initiation to the Investigation in Musical Education. MADRID UNIVERSITY, Madrid.
  • Professor of Music, Professional Degree, specialty Guitar. Conservatory J. Turina, Madrid.
  • Certificate Musical Pedagogy and Rythmical Check. Institut Joan Llongueres, Barcelona.

Infantile educator. I.E.S. Prince Felipe, Madrid.


2019_GómezPlazaRocío_ProfViola_B&N_HighRessCertificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (CAP). MADRID UNIVERSITY, Madrid.

Degree in Economic Sciences. MADRID UNIVERSITY, Madrid.

More information on the pedagogical projects of Estimúsica:


Been born in Madrid, it studies with Myriam of Castillo and Emilio Mateu, obtaining Mention of Fin de Carrera Honor. Later reliza Diploma de Solista with Nobuko Imai and Ulrich Eichenauer in the Conservatoire Supérieur de Músique Tibor Varga de Sion (Switzerland), finalizing its studies with Mention of Honor and Distinction of the Court. It also receives skillful of Andra Darzins, Marjolein Dispa, Mimi Zweig, Lorand Fenyves, Bruno Giuranna, Nobuko Imai, Thomas Riebl, Paul Cocker and Gabor Takàcs-Nàgy, among others masterful classes of the viola.

As interpreter of camera music acts in cycles as the Festival of Music of Segovia, Cycles of Music of Camera of RTVE, Juan March Foundation, Foundation Anckle boot, Manuel de Falla Chair of Granada, Pau Casals Festival, Festival Bellerive and Festival Tibor Varga. He has been invited to act as soloist by orchestras as the City of Granada, Philharmonic of Madrid, Filarmonía of Spain, Camerata of Madrid, Andrés Segovia Orchestra, Orchestra of the Bellerive Festival (Geneva), Weinberger Orchestra Festival (Zurich), Orchestra of Reina Sofía Camera, Orquestra de Cadaqués, Chamber Orchestra of the Festival of Verbier and Camerata Valaisanne, as well as by formation as Modus Novus or the Ensemble Residences. He is member of the Orchestra of the Spanish Broadcast television in leave of absence.


Alfredo photoHe has participated in the disc recording diverse: Blessing – together to Nobuko Imai and the Tibor Varga Orchestra for Epson; recopilatorio of works of J. Villa-Red with the Orchestra of Reina Sofía Camera for the Naxos seal; monographic of G. Kummer-Nicolussi, forming the part of the Catái Quartet; or most recent Sonata Concertata to Four next to the Arbós Trio. Also it has recorded for National Radio and TV 5.

As far as his pedagogical work, she has been professor of viola of the Conservatory Superior of Music of Saragossa, being regularly invited to give classes in courses as the Pyrenees Classic, Martín Códax, City of Jamilena, Course Superior of Music Unicaja Foundation, Sale of the Moor or Musikae Forum.

Rocío Gómez occupied the place of Assistant of Viola Solista in the Symphony orchestra of Barcelona and Nacional of Catalonia (2009-2012). At present she is Professor of Viola in the Professional Conservatory of Teresa Berganza Music of Madrid and member of the Orquestra gives Càmera.

Alfredo GUERRERO. Cello.

Been born in Saragossa, it begins his studies of cello in the conservatory of this city with professor Aleksander Czaykowsky. At the age of 14 years it enters the School of Reina Sofía Music, where it studies with professors Frans Helmerson and ?ngel Luis Quintana, granted a scholarship by Average Schedule and the Association of Interpreters and Executants of Spain (IEA). It continues his official studies in the Conservatory of Guadalajara under the trusteeship of ?ngel Luis Quintana, obtaining the principles qualifications, as well as the Prizes of Honor of Elementary and Professional Degree of Cello, and the one of Music of Camera.



After gaining the scholarship for the continuation of studies and improvement of Ibercaja, für Musik de Detmold continues its formation in the Hochschule (Germany), with university professor Karine Georgian. It has realised advanced officer training courses with professors as Raphael Wallfish, Natalia Gutman, Yehuda Hanani, Asier Polo and Lluís Claret, among others. Later, it has attended the Suzuki Formation by the FEMS, with professors Arantza Lopez and Eulalia Subirá. 

During its stage of formation he was member of the Nationaal Jeugd Orkest (Holland) and of the Young National Orchestra of Spain. At the moment Spanish Television collaborates with the Orchestra of Radio and with the National Orchestra of Spain; and it offers concerts as soloist and in diverse groupings of camera. It is possible to emphasize, recently, his interpretation as soloist of the Triple Concert of Beethoven and the Requiem of Popper in the National Audience.

He is Professor in the Professional Conservatory of Music Miguel Fleta de Monzón (Huesca).


It begins his studies of violin with professor Elizabeth Rosales and it continues them with Sonia Kriales in the Professional Conservatory of Arturo Soria Music of Madrid, where also it attends those of flute of tip with professors ?lvaro Marías and Pepa Megina, completing them with Joan Miró in the Professional Conservatory of Music of Saragossa.

In the Conservatory Superior of Music of Aragon it culminates his studies of violin with Enrique Palomares and Didactics of the violin with Sergio Castro. Its violinística formation is completed, in diverse courses and skillful classes, with professors as Victor Ambroa, Mihai Vuluta, Nicolas Chumachenco and Joan Llinares.



Throughout his race one forms in the camerística slope with José Manuel Cruzado, Milana Chernyavska and the Casals Quartet, from which it receives classes during the four years of Degree Superior. In the orchestral slope she has been member – or collaborating of the Orchestra of the Independent University of Madrid, of the Symphony orchestra Chamartín of Madrid, of the Junge Müncher Philharmonie (Germany), and of the Orchestre of l'Université d'Angers (France).

Graduated in Musical Education by the Independent University of Madrid, it focuses his pedagogical formation in the violin through the Musical Specialization courseses in Didactics of the Stringed instruments of the University of Alcala. Their increasing interest by the pedagogy of the violin and its love by the children takes it to complete the 5 Levels of the Violin Teacher Training Course in London by the British Suzuki Institute, as well as Unit 1 of Music Mind Games with professor Michiko Yurko.

At the moment she is Professor in the Municipal School of Music of Barbastro (Huesca).

STAINED MARISA. Foundations of Composition & Creative Improvisation.

Formed in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Madrid with Carmelo Bernaola, it extended studies in the Encounter of Darmstadt, the EMS of Stockholm and the Université Paris VIII. It followed courses with Luis de Pablo, Olivier Messiaen, George Benjamin, Magnus Lindberg, Philippe Manoury and Tristan Murail, among others great composers.

Doctor in Composition and New Technologies by the University of Alcala, is also Gestalt Therapist, formed with Paco Peñarrubia and Claudio Naranjo.



Of its extensive work as composer the crystal of Cold Water (libretto of Rosa Montero) and Scenes emphasizes the operas of life daily; the Concert for two pianos and orchestra; Light, for cord orchestra; The water and the dreams, for two pianos; Soledad Sonora, for piano only; and music for the film sheds passion of Jeanne d'Arc, of Dreyer. Their works interpret in the main cycles of concerts and festivals.

Sello Author published in 2009 the CD Soledad Sonora, dedicated to the integral of its work for piano, in the interpretation of the Carmen Martínez-Pierret pianist.

She is Professor in the Professional Conservatory of Teresa Berganza Music of Madrid and in the School of Art therapy of the Mediterranean of Barcelona.

DAVID MARCO. Violin & Orchestra of Cord.

It began his musical studies in the Musical Society of his native locality, Montserrat (Valencia); and it continued his formation in the Conservatory Superior of Valencia, the Reina Sofía School of Madrid and the Classroom of Music of the University of Alcala de Henares. Their professors were J. Vicente Cervera, Catalina Roig, Joaquín Palomares, Zakhar Bron, Anna Netchiporouk and Isabel Vilá.

David Marco obtained the First Martínez Báguena Prize, for young violinists of the Valencian Community. Scholar by the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government, was also scholarship holder-resident of the Residence of Students of Madrid.

Between his activities he is possible to emphasize recites them to them in the Juan March Foundation of Madrid and the Academy of Spain in Rome, the concerts with the Isar Quintet Camera in the Organization of American States of Washington and the Cervantes Institute of Paris, and the concerts as member of the JONDE in the Carnegie Hall de Nueva York and the Philharmonic one of Saint Petersburg.

David Marco has been concertino and soloist of the JONDE and Soloist of the Young Orchestra of the Valencian Community; and member of the orchestras of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (Germany), of the Eastern Music Festival (North Carolina) and of the Orchestra of Andrés Segovia Camera. Tutti of the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid, Symphony orchestra of the RTVE completed its orchestral formation as violin and Symphony orchestras of Seville, Granada, Valencia and Gran Canaria.



It has given classes of violin, music of camera and orchestra in Spain, the USA and Finland. He has been professor of violin in the Suzuki Academy of Isako Yoshimura, at school Swiss of Madrid and in the Professional Conservatory of Toledo, as well as in the Professional Conservatories of Ferraz and Teresa Berganza (Madrid). He has been also translator and artistic assistant director of the Musical Specialization courseses of the Classroom of Music of the University of Alcala.

At present Federico Moreno Torroba of Madrid is professor of the Integrated Center of Musical Lessons.

Besides his musical activity, he develops a parallel trajectory as plastic artist and, especially, graphical designer (

CARMEN MART?NEZ-PIERRET. Piano & Pedagogical Direction.

It studied with professors Manuel Carra, Carles Marquès and Luiz de Moura Castro, receiving masterclasses of Paul Badura-Skoda, Josep Colom, Claude Helffer, Enrique Santiago and Nina Svetlanova, among others masterful. One has formed, in addition, in diverse corporal disciplines, between which it is possible to emphasize the Alexander Technique, the Method Feldenkrais and the Shot with Arc (is Goalkeeper Graduated by the Catalan Federation of Shot with Arc). As educator, it bases his education of the pianística technique on brings back to consciousness corporal-sensorial, in coherence with the pianística school developed by Marie Jaëll (student of Franz Liszt).



Jury of prestigious international contests (Contest of Piano of Epinal, Contest of Quartet of Cord of Bordeaux, etc.), has offered concerts, seminaries, courses and conferences in Europe and the USA. As soloist, he dedicates a special attention to contemporary music, the Spanish repertoire of century XX and to the work of women composers of all the times. In the land of the camera music he has collaborated with musicians as Manel Camp, Gérard Caussé, Clara Cernat, Lluís Claret, Christophe Coin, Guillaume de Chassy, Stéphanie-Marie Degand, Laia Falcón, Thierry Huillet, Michel Lethiec, Joan Enric Lluna, Alain Meunier, Marie-Paule Milone, Aurèle Nicolet, Denis Pascal, ?ngel Luis Quintana, Pavel Vernikov, Pierre-Henri Xuereb and the Orchestra of Camera of Toulouse, among others.

Its interest by the cross-sectional projects that imply the encounter between diverse forms of artistic expression takes it to frequently share scene with actors – narrative, between which it is possible to mention Lucia Bosè, Manu Fullola, Philippe Nesme, Fernando Palacios (familiar concerts in the Real de Madrid Theater), Éric Pierrot, Didier Sandre (Comédie Française), Joan Manuel Serrat and Luis Varela, in spectacles as Sati'Erik, Satie Night club, Résonance [s], Between deux guerres, the Aleph and Cuentos of always and never, among others.

It has realised diverse record recordings: Lalai (for the seal Music Ventilator), Soledad Sonora (for Sello Author), Compliments (the Blue Window), the Shut up Music of Mompou (for the French seal nuit transfigurée) and Round about Mozart (for the new Thelxínoe seal). It has also recorded for RNE-Radio 2 and the 2 of Spanish Television (series Women in History, in the paper of the composer Pauline Viardot).


It begins his musical studies in Banda Primitiva de Llíria, and it concludes them in the Conservatory Joaquín Rodrigo Superior of Valencia. Huerta, E. Hard-twisted, E. Vidal and Sergio Castro has formed with professors as V. In 2007 it perfects his knowledge in the Academy of Orchestral Studies of the Barenboim-Shelp Foundation.

He is winning of II the National Contest Ciutat de Llíria (2006). With the quartets Iquart and Aurum, it was awarded with 2º and 3º prize, respectively, in the Contest of Music of Camera of Vinarós (2001 and 2002).

It has collaborated with orchestras as the Municipal Orchestra of Valencia, Symphonic of the Principality of Asturias, Simfònica of them Illes Balears, Orchestra of the Mediterranean, Collegium Orchestrates to him, Symphonic of Albacete… Between 2002 and 2004 he was member of the Symphony orchestra of the Region of Murcia.



It is first violin of the Ensemble Espai Sonor, with which it has acted in Spain, France, Brazil and Chile; with the Turina Ensemble Piano it has acted in festivals of music Italy, Norway and Spain.

It has realised the complete formation of Suzuki Violin Teacher Training Course in London by the British Suzuki Institute. It has also obtained the Certificate of Formation in Rythmical Dalcroze of the Institut Joan Llongueres of Barcelona, Unit 1 of Music Mind Games with Michiko Yurko and Training on Rolland Pedagogy in the Seminary Scherzo (2013 and 2014, London). It has distributed numerous courses of violin and viola in Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Lithuania, Iceland, Poland, Switzerland and Denmark.

Juan Carlos Navarro is, from a year 2005, Professor of Violin in the Professional Conservatory of Tomás de Torrejón Music and Velasco de Albacete.

SARA EMANUELA OLIANAS. He violates & Group of Suzuki Cord.

Been born in Cagliari (Italy), he begins his studies of viola with professor Dimitri Mattu in the Conservatory of Pierluigi Music gives to Palestrina of this city, graduating with the principles qualifications. He continues his formation with professor Antonello Farulli in the School of Music of Fiesole; later, he perfects himself with professor Natalia Madison, obtaining in 2013 the Great Diploma of Orchestral Specialization by the University of Santiago de Compostela.

He completes his formation participating in skillful classes and courses of viola distributed by professors as Lawrence Power, Philippe Dukes, Jürgen Kussmaul, Gérard Caussé, Patrick Juedt, Simonide Braconi; and of music of camera with the Quartetto della Scala. During those years on is member assets of the Nationaal Jeugd Orkest String Orchestra period instruments (2012) and in the Nationaal Jeugd Orkest Symphony orchestra (2012), of Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester (2013) and the European Union Baroque Orchestra (2015).



It collaborates with orchestras as the Symphonic Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias, the Real Filharmonia of Galicia, Oviedo Filarmonía, the Real Orquesta Sinfonica of Seville, the Orchestra of the Lyrical Theater I gave to Cagliari and the Orchestra dell'Ente Concerti Marialisa de Carolis, among others. As instrumentalist baroque headress with the Baroque Orchestra of the University of Salamanca and with the European Union Baroque Orchestra.

Its interest by the pedagogy has taken to him to obtain the title of Professor Suzuki, granted by the European Association of the Method Suzuki (2014) and Diploma de Postgrado on the Suzuki Method of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (2018).

She is professor of viola in the school In Key – Método Suzuki of Santiago de Compostela.


It studied violin with Anna Baget in Madrid; and with Franco Gulli, Yuval Yaron and Mimi Zweig in the University of Indiana in Bloomington, EE.UU. Granted a scholarship by the Foundation the Caixa, in Bloomington obtained the Bachelor's and the Master's Degree in Interpretation and Pedagogy of Violin, with the principles qualifications. Given its passion by the education of the violin to children, Mimi Zweig the contract – during its studies of Masters as its Professor Asistente in the Young Violinists Program of this university.

Throughout his formation it has received skillful classes of violin, music of camera and pedagogy of Gerard Claret, Agustín León Ara, José Luis García Asensio, Zackar Bron, Mauricio Fuks, Rotislav Dubinsky, Gyorgy Sebok, Koen Rens, Nicolás Chumachenco, Sheila Nelson, Vartan Manoogian, Richard Aaron, Imre Rohman and Ekaterina Gerson, among others.



From his return to Spain, in the year 2000, it has developed an intense pedagogical work as professor of violin in diverse centers of Madrid (Municipal School of Three Songs, CEDAM) and Cuenca (Professional Conservatory of Music). In 2009 it obtains his place by opposition as Professor of Violin of the Municipal School of Music of River basin.

It is invited to give classes of violin and pedagogy in diverse conservatories, schools and courses of music, by all Spain. Until his closing, it has translated musical specialization courseses in the Classroom of Music of the University of Alcala. As soloist and member of diverse symphonic groupings of camera and — among them the JONDE-, has acted in numerous rooms of Spain, EE.UU and Puerto Rico.

At present it arranges his educational work with the concertística, as Concertino of the Symphony orchestra of River basin, the Orchestra River basin City of Music and of the Tomás Luis de Victoria Orchestra of Madrid; and as member of the Eduardo Trio of the Pueyo and the pair of violin and violoncello that forms next to its sister Miriam. Both direct the Days of Music in River basin.

ANGEL PEREIRA. Battery & Laminae | Ethnic percussion.




QuirósIsabelProfViolonchelo'18Versatile percussionist, has collaborated with musicians of jazz, flamenco, song and MGP (Tete Montoliu, Tito Puente, Carles Benavent, Perico Sambeat, Lluís Vidal, Charles Aznavour, Enrique Morente, Raimon, José Menese, Carmen Linares, Enrique Bunbury, etc.); and with composers and interpreters of classic and contemporary music (Josep Pons, Joan Guinjoan, George Benjamin, Luis de Pablo, Joan Albert Amargós, Walter Boeykens, Carles Santos, Plácido Domingo, Jordi Savall…). He also acts with his own groups, BCN Percussion Project (with Mel Semé and Alan Sousa), Vibratango and the pair with the guitarist Narcís VidaOutstanding educator, was founding of L'Aula de Música Modern i Jazz, and of Centre d'Estudis Musicals of Barcelona; also it gave classes in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Author of Basic the Technical methods of Battery and Rythmical Reading I (Publishing New Carisch), has received numerous prizes and distinctions, as the National Premi of Music of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia or the one of Better Percussionist of the Association of Musicians of Jazz de Catalunya.

At present, he is Professor of Percussion in the EMCA (Municipal Escola i Centre of them Arts de L'Hospitalet) and in the Municipal Conservatori of Music of Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona).

Isabel QUIRÓS. Cello


In his beginnings with the cello, it received the base of his formation through professor Arantza López. Later it continued his studies with Pedro Corostola (cello) and Luis Rego (camera) in Real Conservatorio Superior de Música of Madrid, caling itself as Professor Superior de Violonchelo and Professor of Music of Camera - with Prize of Fin de Carrera Honor in this last degree.

After studying during three years in the Guildhall School Of Music and Drama of London obtained the Bachelor of Music and the Postgraduate in Musical Interpretation, having as professor to Stefan Popov and receiving masterclases of Colin Davis, Simon Rattle and the Takacs Quartet, among others. It attended classes of improvement with María de Macedo, Alexander Fedorchenko, Georgian Kharin and Susana Stefanovic later, among others masterful. At the moment it is realising a “Master of Interpretation Soloist in center of Studies Katarina Gurska Superiors of Madrid, under the trusteeship of Pavel Gomziakov.




In the 40 edition of Music in Compostela obtained the Prize Andrés Segovia – José Miguel Ruiz Morales. It has collaborated with the Orchestra of RTVE and Symphony orchestra of Madrid.

Professor of Suzuki Cello (Level 5), realised this formation in the British Suzuki Institute under the supervision of Carey Beth Hockett and Peny Heath. She also owns Level I of the Willems Method.

She is Professor of Cello in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Aragon from year 2008, and member of the Azara Quartet.

ALOMA ROMERO. Movement Experimental & Danz

Actress, ballet shoe and trained theater director in the USA and Spain, own one long experience in teaching with children, adolescents and adults, distributing classes of dance and theater from the 2009 in the Nuria Soler Factories, as well as in diverse schools and institutes of Madrid.

One formed as ballet shoe of classic, contemporary and urban dance in centers as the Broadway Dance Center of New York, the Millennium Dance Complex, IMMA SPACE, PlayGround (Los Angeles), Connection Dance Center and Danza 180, SlaveFunk Center and IDANCE (Madrid), with professors and choreographers as Kyle Hanagami, Luam, Rhapshody James, Nicole Kirkland, Tricia Miranda, Janelle Ginestra, Willda Beast, Matt Steffanina, Jake Kodish, Yanis Marshall, Alexander Chung, Jojo Gómez, Erika Klein, Mariajo of the Quintana, Fran Herrezuelo, Carol Rodríguez, Alesio Natale, Iker Karrera, Fernando Lázaro, Mario Parra, Luis Cabeza, Víctor Hugo and Carla Diego, among others.



Also she owns an ample formation in disciplines as song, musical theater and corporal movement, with teachers as José Sepúlveda, Anni Sun and Arnold Taraborrelli; as well as in theater, audio-visual interpretation and verse, with teachers as Nuria Soler, Francesco Carril, Vicente Fuentes, Manuel Morón, Carmen Rico, Borja Ortiz de Gondra, Karmele Aramburu, Juan Pastor, María Pastor, Andrés Lima and Macarena Pombo. It owns knowledge of fencing, acrobatics, dubbing and piano.

It has worked in theater and television from girl, acting in scenes as the Spanish Theater of Madrid, the Theater Marquina and Nave73, and interpreting papers in famous televising series, as the secret of Old BridgeRed Eagle, a stroke of luck, HomicidesFragile and Apaches. She is founding, actress and director of the theater company Crossed Theater.

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It studies in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Barcelona with María Jesús Crespo and Carles Marquès and, granted a scholarship by the Ministry of Culture, perfects itself in the Conservatoire National of Region of Versailles (with Pierre Réach) and in the École Regulate to him of Musique de Paris (with Françoise Thinat). It has received advice, in courses and masterclasses, of pianists as Joaquín Achúcarro, Josep Colom, Marie-Françoise Bucquet, Ian Pace, Peter Bithell, Paul Roberts, Aquilles Delle Vigne and Luiz de Moura Castro.

It obtains the First Prize in the contests of music of camera of Castellterçol, the UFAM and the Fondation Léopold Béllan de Paris, as well as the Prix de Perfectionnement de Piano ET Musique de Chambre of the CRR of Versailles.


It has touched with as outstanding artists as Philippe Cuper (clarinet only of the Opera of Paris) and Jeanne Marie Conquer (violin soloist of the Ensemble Intercontemporain); and it has offered concerts in numerous international festivals: Akademie der Künste de Berlin, Cervantes Institute of Paris, National CDMC-Center of Reina Sofia Art of Madrid, Centers Acanthes/Arsenal of Metz, Nous Sons of the Auditori of Barcelona, Mostra Sonora of Swedish, Torroella de Montgrí and Piano aux Pyrénées, among others.

Its interest by contemporary music has taken it to collaborate with composers as Hèctor Parra, David Padrós and Jörg Widmann, and to give lectures for the students of doctorate of the Université de Paris VIII. L'Aube disc has recorded them assaillie of Hèctor Parra (for the Ars seal Harmonica, in 2006) and Stimmen, for Intérieur Voix, within the framework of the Atelier de Création Radiophonique de France Culture (2011), emission finalist of the Prix Europe 2012.

It shares his activity of interpreter with the one of Professor Titular de Piano in the Conservatoire Henri Dutilleux de Maisons-Alfort (in Île-of-France, to the Southeast of Paris). One of the fundamental axes of its pedagogical work is the corporal sensitization, sensorial and emotional of the student in front of the instrument. In this sense, it has followed numerous courses of formation of yoga and corporal work of musicians, as well as of Technique Alexander and free improvisation.

ORIOL VICIOUSNESS. Factory of Improvisation | Introduction to the Jazz “Manouche.

He was his grandfathers who registered to Oriol Saña in a music school, when he was only 7 years old; since then it has studied, touched and taught the violin with passion. Throughout its period of formation, Oriol Saña obtains a Bachelor's Degree (Cum laude) by the Berklee College of Music (Boston), the Title Superior of Jazz by the Escola Superior of Music of Catalunya (ESMUC), the Official Master in Musicology and Musical Education by the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona and a Doctorate in Musicology and History of the Art (Cum laude), also by the UAB. He studies violin with professors as Matt Glaser, Mimi Robson, John Blake and Darol Anger.



As interpreter, he develops an extensive national and international activity, focused mainly in modern music. Its race as member of the quartet of jazz begins Virus String Quartet. With Folkincats manouche explores the roots of the jazz, combined with the Catalan folk music. It also works to pair with the pianist and composer Albert Guinovart. More ahead, manouche with the guitarist Albert Bello and Django Orchestra, and bluegrass with the Casey Driessen violinist consolidates its trajectory in the jazz. It also collaborates with diverse symphony orchestras, as classic musician. It has touched in numerous festivals and concert halls of Europe and the United States.

As educational, he is Professor in the Departments of Jazz and Modern Music of the ESMUC (and member of the Group of Investigation in Interpretation and Musical Creation of the center) and in the Conservatori Superior of the Liceu, in Barcelona; and in the Department of Manouche Jazz of the EMCA (Hospitalet de Llobregat). Also he is Coordinating of Barcelona Fiddle Congress; Director of the Bellaterra Fiddle Camp and the Majorca Modern Strings; and Artistic Director of the Foundation Sifu Group.

He is also Professor of Violin Modern Jazz and in the ESMUC and the Conservatori Superior of Music of the Liceu, arranging teaching with the investigation.


Been born in Madrid, it initiates his musical studies with the violin, forming with professors V. Ardelean and Anna Baget. It also receives classes of Gonçal Comellas, Mimi Zweig, Cyrus Farough and of the Fine Arts Quartet in Bloomington, Indiana. It obtains the Title of Viola and Music of Camera in Real Conservatorio Superior de Música of Madrid, in the chair of Luis Llácer. It studies later with professor Thomas Riebl in the Internationale Sommeracademie in Austria; and it receives classes and advice of Ashan Pillai, Alan Kovacs and Yuval Gotlibovich, among others masterful of the viola.

Its interest by the infantile pedagogy from early ages has taken to him to obtain the title of Professor Suzuki, granted by the European Association of the Suzuki Method (THAT). It has received specialized formation of Ana María Sebastián in Spain, Koen Rens in Belgium and Christophe Bossuat in diverse international courses. It has completed his formation in this scope in courses of pedagogy with professors Claudio Forcada, Alan Kovacs and Mimi Zweig.


Estefanía AbadIt is regularly invited to distribute courses as the Pyrenees Junior (Canfranc), Cords to the Air (Segovia) and Aldebarán (Sigüenza); and also seminaries on pedagogy of the viola (Professional Conservatory of Cordoba, among others).He is member of the Classic Orchestra Santa Cecilia and the Philharmonic Orchestra Excelentia, with which it has acted as Viola Solista, under the direction of teachers as George Pehlivanian, Janos Kovacs, Kynan Jones and A. Polyanichko. Also it has collaborated with the ORTVE and the Orchestra of Reina Sofía Camera, under the direction of Nicolás Chumachenco. From year 2011 it forms a pair with the Cristina Ferriz pianist, and at the moment it has several projects with the trio of Artaria cord.

Between 2013 and 2018 he has been professor in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Aragón (CSMA), where it has given classes of Orchestral, Didactic Repertoire of the Cord and Viola. At present he is Professor of Viola in center Integrated of Music Father Antonio Soler, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid.

WEAVING Diego. Contrabass


One formed with diverse professors, of whom he is possible to honor Jaime Robles, Thomas Martin and Giuseppe Ettore as whom greater influence has exerted in their race of double-bass player. The Ministry of Culture and the Orchestra of Cordoba has granted him diverse scholarships. It has a Masters of Solística Interpretation with Luis Cabrera.



He has been member of diverse orchestras, between which they honor Youthful Latin American CAP-UNESCO and the Young Orchestra of Andalusia; as well as collaborating it frequents of the JONDE (Young National Orchestra of Spain), the National Orchestra of Spain, the Orchestra of Granada and the Orchestra of Cordoba.

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