General information


Junior now registers in the Course the Pyrenean International to you of Music:





The official reception of the students, parents and professors will take place in the Sala Polivalente of the CEIP the Arañones de Canfranc-Station, Sunday 30 of June of 2019, to 17 h in first call and to 18.30h in second call.

Throughout the act precise information will be offered about the general operation of the course, the schedules of the classes and the activities of free time, the situation of the classrooms where the classes will be distributed, the headquarters of the concerts and the parallel activities, etc.

The headquarters of the courses are the municipality of Canfranc-Station. The classes will be developed in diverse spaces of the town: the CEIP the Arañones, the Municipal Sports centre, the Church of Our Lady of the Pillar and the City council, among others.

The beginning of the classes will take place Monday 1 of July in the morning; and they will extend until Saturday 6 of July (6 days school).

During afternoon of Saturday 6 of July they will be developed to Hearing of Instrument and Improvisation in diverse classrooms of the CEIP the Arañones. The schedules will announce opportunely.

The course will finalize Sunday 7 of July in the morning, with the Concert of Closing (to 11h.) and the later Diploma delivery.




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