Inscription | Modalities & Tariffs


Junior now registers in the Course the Pyrenean International to you of Music:





The places are limited and they will be covered by rigorous order of inscription.

Active students: 380 € 

This tariff includes all the matters, individual and collective, specified in the section Agenda & Structure of the course.

I supplement 2º Instrument: 180 €

Each includes 6 additional individual classes of 30 minutes, an instrument different from including in the option of Active Student.

Collective: 180 € 

It includes daily classes of 3 group matters: Ethnic percussion, Choir and Dance.

Cord group does not include the classes of individual instrument nor of orchestra//instrumental group.

Masterclass Violin (Prof. Sergio Castro): 40 €

This tariff includes 30 minutes of individual class and the possibility of attending as listener all the masterclass (4h school).

Active students – Kinder Formula: 300 € 

This formula of participation (individual Instrument + Instrument group + Factories “Learning to play with music) is only open to students up to 5 years of age.

Collective – Kinder Formula: 150 € 

It includes only the factories “Learning to play with music for students up to 5 years of age.

Factories of Choir & Percussion for accompanying adults: 60 € a factory| 90 € both factories

Professors Oyentes: 200 €*

*Los professors who attend the course accompanying to one or several by their students will benefit from a discount proportional on this tariff, that will go of 25% to the total gratuity. As far as the professors who go to the course as mothers/parents – accompanying his own children, registered as Active Students, they will be able to attend the classes free of charge.


These tariffs do not include lodging, monitoraje nor activities of free time (to see the section Hosting | Options and Tariffs).


1. - To compliment the form of Pyrenean inscription corresponding to the course Junior, being filled up all the obligatory fields – especially paternal the maternal authorization/and clicando in the end on Sending. The form will arrive immediately at the mail of Active Music, that will send an automatic confirmation to the direction e-mail that has been pointed out in the corresponding section of the form.

2. - DevaStations will send – in a maximum term of 72h. and to the email address indicated in the inscription form a customized document in which it will confirm the provisional reserve of the place and will remember the proceedings to follow.
As of that moment, and in the maximum term of one week, the entrance or transference corresponding to the first term of the course (50% of the amount of the chosen option) to the following account of Active Music will have to take place:

IBAN code: ES12 2100 0647 9702 0049 7857


In the section Concept of the operation the one of the father or the mother will be pointed out the name of the student – NOT, with the purpose of facilitating the control of the payments.

Next, the banking one of the transference will be sent supporting, along with a recent photography of the student, to the mail of Active Music:

[email protected]

3. - To the reception of this documentation – supporting of the first payment and it photographs of the student, Active Music will respond, also by mail, with another document in which it will definitively confirm the admission of the student in the course and will remember the dates limit to pay the rest of the amount of the chosen option, which they are the following:

  • the 28/06/2019 by means of banking transference to the same account number, or
  • the 30/06/2019 by means of payment in cash, to the arrival to Canfranc.

During the following weeks and until the beginning of the course, Active Music will send to the pupils diverse and material information for the pursuit of the course – scores, videos, etc. –, always to the email address indicated in the form.

Date inscription limit:  10/06/2019

As of this date the amount phelp in case of cancellation of the reserved place will not collect.


  • The possibility also exists of paying the amount of the course in 4 monthly payments (of March to June of 2019). In order to take refuge in this option of payment, to consult with Active Music.
  • At the beginning of the classes (Monday 1 of July) the amount of the option/options escogida/s must have phelp in its totality. Otherwise, the organization of the course will be able to deny to the student the attendance until the payment of the owed amount becomes serious.



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