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Junior now registers in the Course the Pyrenean International to you of Music:



The students enrolled in the course can choose by one of the following options of lodging:


To attend the course accompanied by its parents (or other relatives), lodging with them and being permanently under its responsibility and trusteeship to all the effects. This option does not include the activities of free time nor the service of monitoraje.

We propose lodging to the students in Option To and his companions in the Hotel Villa de Canfranc. This establishment offers a special tariff reduced in complete pension – to see the section more down Hosting | Tariffs to the students enrolled in the course and to their companions.

Hotel Villa de Canfranc

C Fernando el Católico, 17

22880 Canfranc-Station

tel/fax 974 372 012

[email protected]

The reserves must be realised contacting directly with the Hotel Villa de Canfranc. We recommend to do it by mail, to the indicated direction.


To attend the course without adult companions, in which case they will have obligatorily to take refuge in the lodging formula – in rooms shared with others alumnos/as and complete pension that the service of monitoraje includes – being, therefore, under the responsibility and permanent trusteeship of the company of monitoraje, Sargantana- and activities of free time.

This it is the establishment in which the students will be lodged who choose this option:

Youth hostel Aragon River

Avenue of the Arañones, 26

22880 Canfranc-Station

tel. 608 22 95 76 — 974 373 150 — 974 486 213

[email protected]

The reserves will be realised through Active Music, when selecting Option B Hosting in the inscription form. It is not necessary to contact directly with the Youth hostel to realise reserve or proceeding some.

NOTE: It is possible that we also have some room in the Youth hostel, for families of 3 to 5 members. The interested ones can be put in touch with Active Music to obtain data on the matter.


To attend the course accompanied by its relatives (and lodging with them) take refuging, at the same time, to the service of monitoraje and realising the activities of free time only during the day, of 9h. to 20h.

This option obligatorily includes the food of noon in the place established by the organization of the course, the Youth hostel River Aragon de Canfranc-Station, except in case the student is lodged with his parents in the Hotel Villa de Canfranc, in which case the noon food will become in this hotel, with all the students who are in the same situation and company of a monitor.


The parents/mothers who go to the course with their children (Option A) can decide on any other formula of lodging different from the offered one by the course (rural tourism, apartments, camping, etc.). Nevertheless, all the information regarding the organization of the course (hour, listings, changes, warnings, etc.) will only be available in the office of the courses (in the City council), as well as in planks of announcements of the State schools and the Hotel Villa de Canfranc; and, possibly, in the Facebook of the Pyrenees Junior.

Therefore, the parents/mothers who decide on another type of lodging will be the people in charge to daily update their information about the operation of the classes by the average ones above-mentioned, without in no case must Active Music put themselves in touch with them by mail or telephone to transmit any official notice to them.

This year, two establishments have more offered special tariffs for the students enrolled in the course and its companions. The Tuca ( is about Santa Cristina Hotel & Petit Spa ( and House. The tariffs can be consulted more down, in the section Hosting | Tariffs.

Information on other lodgings in the zone:

Office of Tourism of Canfranc (tel. 974 373 141) or


Tariffs of the lodging in the Hotel Villa de Canfranc (Students Option A) and in the Youth hostel Aragon River (Students Option B).

Tariffs of the monitoraje & activities of free time for the Students in Option B and C.


Hotel Villa de Canfranc

Summer 2019 | Tariffs (IVA including):

Hosting without monitoraje nor activities of free time (for students accompanied by its parents, relatives or companions properly authorized).

These tariffs correspond to a package of stay with entrance in the Hotel Villa de Canfranc Sunday 30 of July and exit Sunday 7 of July, and include the complete pension, of the dinner of Sunday 1 to the breakfast of Sunday 7.

- Quadruple room: 269,50 €/person

- Triple room: 276,50 €/person

- Double room: 311,50 €/person

- Young up to 8 years: 25% of discount on these tariffs

*Disponibilidad very limited, to consult with the hotel.

Entrance: 30/06 from the 16 h.

Exit: 07/07 before 10h. There will be the possibility of leaving the suitcases in the reception or the place indicated by the people in charge of the hotel until the conclusion of the concert of closing of the course.

The reserves for the lodging in Option To must be realised contacting directly with the Hotel Villa de Canfranc. The amount of the stay will have to be phelp directly to this establishment, NOT to Active Music.


Youth hostel Aragon River

Summer 2019 | Tariffs (IVA including):

Students up to 7 years: 320 €

Students as of 8 years: 380 €

Hosting in regime of total monitoraje. It includes the complete pension (with afternoon snack) from the dinner of Sunday 30 of June to the breakfast of Sunday 7 of July, monitoraje 24 h., necessary activities of free time, insurances and transports during the course.

The Youth hostel YES provides to SHEETS and BLANKETS, but it does not include the TOWELS, is necessary to bring them of house.

Entrance: 30/06 from the 16 h.

Exit: 07/07 before 10h. There will be the possibility of leaving the suitcases in the reception or the place established by the person responsible for the youth hostel until the conclusion of the closing concert.

The reserves for Option B Hosting will have to be realised to Active Music.

The amount of the Hosting in Option B will have to be phelp completely to Active Music, together with the amount of the matriculation of the course: that is to say, 50% of the total (course + lodging option B) against the account, when reserving the place; 50% rest before the 28 of June, also by banking transference – or the same 30 of June in cash, when arriving at Canfranc.

If some family needs to prolong the service of monitoraje by more time (to leave to his hijo/a in Canfranc before the day and scheduled time, or to gather it something later the same day 7) will have to pay a small one I supplement to the monitoraje company (to consult amount with Active Music).


Diurnal Monitoraje

Service of diurnal monitoraje, with lodging independently not including in this tariff.

Tariff: 180 €*

It includes the service of monitoraje of 9h. to 20h., the food of noon and the afternoon snack (in the Youth hostel Aragon River), the activities of free time that are realised between 9h and 20h, transports within this schedule and insurances.

*Los students in Option C who are lodged with their family in the Hotel Villa de Canfranc will make the food of noon in this establishment, accompanied by a monitor. In this case, the tariff to pay by Option C will be of only 130 € (this amount YES includes the AFTERNOON SNACK in the Youth hostel), since the noon food will be already including in the package of lodging that will pay to the Hotel Villa de Canfranc.


1. - All student enrolled in the course – in any option of lodging, To, B or c that suffers some disease or allergy, or that follows some type of medical treatment, it must obligatorily communicate it to the organization of the course.

Their legal parents or people in charge must point out it imperatively in the section Observations of the inscription form; and if the importance of this treatment therefore requires it, they will have to put itself in touch direct with the organization of the course with sufficient advance, with the purpose of facilitating all the necessary information on the matter, of totally clear way and is transparent.

The organization of the course declines all responsibility derived from the concealment of any respective information to the state of health of the student, or to the treatment that is following, on the part of her legal parents or people in charge.

2. - All student enrolled in the options of lodging B or C that is allergic to algún/os foods, or that a special diet follows (vegetarian, vegana, for coeliac, kosher, etc.) will have to point out it obligatorily in the section Observations of the inscription form; or to notify it to the Hotel Villa de Canfranc directly if it is in option of lodging A.


Other establishments of Canfranc have offered us special tariffs for the families of the students enrolled in the course.

Santa Cristina Hotel & Petit Spa 

She offers a discount of 10% on tarifa* effective to the students and their companions.

Information and reserves:

The Tuca marries

Tarifas* very special (to consult directly with the establishment) for the students and their companions offers some, with these two options:

Tuca Petit marries (up to 7 pax)

The Tuca marries (up to 14 pax)

Information and reserves:

Mobile: 660 383 904


*IMPORTANTE: The discount will only be applicable if the reserve takes place contacting directly with Santa Cristina Hotel | with House the Tuca, by telephone route or from the Web. It will not be applied to reserves conducted from other platforms.


The organization of the course proposes, in collaboration with the company Autocares Esteban de Jaca, a service of direct bus Madrid-Canfranc for the students and their companions, as much for the going (30 of June in the morning) as for the return (7 of July in the evening).

The interested ones will have to ask for this service being marked the corresponding square in the inscription form.

The price by traveller will pay attention based on the reserved places, once closed the term of inscription.

The organization reserves the right to suppress this service (with the sufficient advance so that the parents can anticipate other options of trip) if the number of reserves is insufficient to complete, as minimum, a minibus of 20 places.





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