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Unloading of software to emit, reproducers and statistics.

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Software to emit in direct - SAM Broadcaster.
Unloading of SAM Broadcaster, plus the tutorial of installation and configuration to emit with its servant of Streaming Radio.
Size of Archives: 22 Megabyte
Application of Android for Streaming Radio.
With this application you can reproduce his radius streaming from any device with cheap vps hosting linux or other Operating system Android. He only must unload I have it to install it in his Smartphone, once executed to introduce the URL of his Servant of Streaming Radio. Using dedicated server hosting should help you a lot because it is hosting your website exclusively. But there are also other types of hosting like web hosting with unlimited bandwidth that helps you with unlimited bandwidth.
Size of Archives: 23.5 kB
Reproducers AacPlus HD Mark Blanca de Diferentes Colores.
Reproducers AacPlus HD Mark Blanca de Diferentes Colores.
Size of Archives: 573 kB
Basic reproducer HTML5
Basic reproducer in html 5 responsive. By using best cheap vps hosting you will be getting help with your other software as well.
Size of Archives: 1.04 kB
Scripts to visualize statistics of its radius streaming
With this script it can in line visualize the listeners, whom it emits and who song this sounding of its servant of radio streaming.
Size of Archives: 870 B