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With our service of lodging Web (Hosting) to have your webpage in Internet he is much more simple than you imagine. Totally compatible with any manager of contents (CMS): Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop, etc€¦

We know the important thing that it is for you the presence of your Web in Internet and the state in line of your service of hosting, for that reason offer professional services with Cloud infrastructure and hard disks ssd, of this form we guaranteed to our clients his constant and uninterrupted presence the 24 hours of the day.

Hosting cPanel



Hard disk SSD: 2,000 Megabyte
Pointed domains: 2
Transference: NonMeasurement
Accounts of Mail: 5
Accounts FTP: 2
Data bases MySQL: 2



Hard disk SSD: 4,000 Megabyte
Pointed domains: 4
Transference: NonMeasurement
Accounts of Mail: 10
Accounts FTP: 5
Data bases MySQL: 4



Hard disk SSD: 8,000 Megabyte
Pointed domains: 6
Transference: NonMeasurement
Accounts of Mail: 20
Accounts FTP: 10
Data bases MySQL: 6



Hard disk SSD: 12,000 Megabyte
Pointed domains: 8
Transference: NonMeasurement
Accounts of Mail: 40
Accounts FTP: 20
Data bases MySQL: 8

Control Panel cPanel

He manages your websites with the Control Panel (Hosting cPanel) more insurance and known the market, thousands of options with a simple click in the same panel, he manages your webpages, he much more creates accounts of mail and in only a few seconds of simple and fast form.

Easy To use

Translated the Spanish

Responsive interface

Fast navigation


Main Characteristics:

These are the main characteristics of our services of lodging Web, hosting ssd with cPanel.

Hosting burglaryable
Change of Plan

Our plans of Hosting are totally escalables and you are adapted to in agreement project increase.

Control Panel
cPanel in Spanish

The best Control Panel of services of Web Hosting Hosting totally translated the Spanish.

Anti Virus (Malware)
Fire-guards Anti DDOS

We prepare in our services of Hosting Software Anti Virus (Malware) and Fire-guards Anti DDOS.

Immediate activation
Automatic systems

All the plans of Web Hosting Hosting cPanel activate automatically right away.

Networking 1 Gbps
Transference nonMeasured

Our services of Hosting work at a speed of Networking (Bandwidth) of 1 Gbps.

Infrastructure CLOUD
Resulted servers

All our services of Hosting work under Infrastructure of Resulted Servers Cloud.

Extended characteristics:

Next, we showed to more characteristics of our services of lodging Web to him, hosting ssd with cPanel.

Services Including Content
Control Panel cPanel
Hard disks Intel SSD
File manager
Protection of Directories
Visualizer of Space in Disc
Backup copies Limitless
Manager of Accounts FTP
Visualizer of Connections FTP
MultiPHP administrator 5.5, 5,6, 7.0
Database manager MySQL
Access to phpMyAdmin
Remote data bases MySQL
Subdominios Limitless
Redirections Limitless
Advanced publisher of DNS
Certificate SSL If - FREE
Filters of mail Limitless
SpamAssassin Limitless
Statistics Web
Blockades of IP
Applications in 1 Click
Cron tasks Limitless
Fire-guards Anti-DDOS and Anti-virus