Story with a Panel of Administration?

Each of our clients owns its own Control Panel cPanel. From cPanel they can accede to all the functionalities of the service of hosting (statistical Web, to create e-mail accounts, to create data bases, I have to install applications in a Click as for example: a forum, room of chat, Joomla, Wordpress, etc€¦)

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How long take does the activation of the Service of Hosting?

Once it has made the order of his plan of lodging, we will form it fastest€¦

What is the speed of the connection of the servers?

The speed of connection that we offer at the moment in our servers is of 1000Gb/seg (1GB).

What are the Scripts Pre-Install or Aplicaciones in a click?

All our plans free of charge include INSTALLATRON of CPANEL, a service with dozens of€¦

How I create a mail account?

For the creation of mail accounts cPanel of its Hosting will have to enter the Control Panel,€¦

Where located physically their are servers of Web Hosting Hosting?

Our servers are located in the DataCenters of €œTerramark and Rackmarkt, with location€¦