Where located physically their are servers of Web Hosting Hosting?

Our servers are located in the DataCenters of €œTerramark and Rackmarkt, with location€ and the DataCenter de Iliad with location in France.

Our DataCenter counts on the maximum levels of security and tolerance of faults, elevated floors on, control of temperature and humidity, detection and fire extinguishing, permanent monitoring and video camaras 24horas x 365 days.

The Datacenters in which we are located, are at the moment most modern than spear has been constructed now, as much as in France.

We have 19 operators of network at the moment:
  • Colt Telecommunications
  • France T©l©com - Orange Business Services
  • ONO
  • NTT
  • Terramarkt
  • Interoute
  • Iris©
  • L2CT
  • Level 3 communications
  • Neon Telecoms
  • Sipartech
  • Telcit©
  • Ielo
  • Jaguar Network
  • CoGhent
  • Telia Sonera
  • Tata Communications
  • FranceIX
  • Hopus
Offering therefore some guarantees of connection that very few operators can offer and some SLA guarantees of 99%.

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