Exist hidden or additional do positions?

No, we have neither hidden nor additional positions of no type in all our products and services.

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They offer Guarantees and Return of Money if I am not satisfied?

If, all our services estan GUARANTEED, the return of the payment would be realised if not this€¦

Does Whatever take the service of technical support in answering?

Our service of technical support operates the 365 days of the year, through emails and tickets of€¦

They offer some period of test?

No, we do not offer periods of test, we offer a Guarantee of Return of the 100% of the money€¦

Exist a minimum does time of hiring of the plans?

No, you will be able to contract our services by the period that you need, we did not demand periods€¦

I have to sign some contract type?

No, in Your Hosting Store you only must totally accept our Terms and Conditions of€¦