What is hosting or Web Hosting?

It is the name that receives the service that allows him to publish its own webpage. In order to present his company in the world through Internet it will need to contract a service of hosting. This service will give access him to a servant who is connected to Internet 24 hours to the day, by means of a connection able to take care of all the visitors who its company will have. By means of this service it will also obtain mail accounts, utilities and tools for his handling.

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I can change of if at any time outside necessary plan?

In Your Hosting Store it can at any time change to a plan superior or inferior, paying€¦

How long take does the activation of the Service of Hosting?

Once it has made the order of his plan of lodging, we will form it fastest€¦

I already have a domain. I can use it with my plan of lodging Web?

By all means. You can transfer his domain to YOUR Hosting Store when she buys a plan of€¦

Where located physically their are servers of Web Hosting Hosting?

Our servers are located in the DataCenters of €œTerramark and Rackmarkt, with location€¦

What are the Scripts Pre-Install or Aplicaciones in a click?

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