That means when in a domain they are estan propagating the DNS?

What is the propagation of the DNS?

All registry of a domain name owns the information of which they are the servers of associated names called DNS to that name of domain. Servers DNS are those that are in charge to indicate the navigator to him where the data of the webpage are lodged that we are consulting.

The correspondence between the €œName of domain or servers DNS€ keeps in the data base common in the €œInternet Network Information Center€, but it would be nonviable that any equipment from any place of the world had to consult it; there would not be form to support the million requests that exist every second.

In order to avoid this problem, the correspondence €œName of domain or servers DNS€ replica in €œdistributed Intermediate Locations€ throughout everybody. The update of this correspondence takes a few hours (from 24 to 48) and this is what usually it denominates €œpropagation of DNS€.

Any change of servers DNS associated to a domain name (a new registry has the same effect that a change) takes implicit a new propagation of DNS, reason why the domain name will take in being related to the machine in which it lodges of 24 to 48 hours. That is to say, the service using the domain name (for example will be inoperative during this period. This will affect so much to the e-mail, as to the Web.

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