What types of domains he has?

Domains of first level:
.COM, .NET and .ORG: They are not assigned to any country and its registry is open to the public generally. We can describe as most well-known in the network. Its use is not restricted and are granted to the first applicant without this one must credit to a paper or reference with the name that wishes. Although, its use is advised according to:

.com: The most extended and those of greater importance. They make reference to commercial pages. This domain is the International.
.net: Associated to networks. Communities of information.
.org: Organisms, associations, foundations tie.

Territorial domains:
They are those that go associate to a country. Some of these allow the registry of their domains. They work at the same level that those of level superior com, net and org. Very useful when the other options of name are occupied.

We would be speaking of domains of the form, http://www.su-nombre.es (), http://www.su-nombre.mx (Mexico). http://www.su-nombre.cc (Islands Coconuts), http://www.su-nombre.ws (Samoa), etc€¦

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