My emails arrives as Spam How I solve it?

The shipment of mail Spam or asked for mail is not one of the persecuted tasks more at the moment by the ISP, to day of today he is very complicated to send Spam and that this arrives at the mail tray of the adressee due to the restrictions that the operators as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo acomenten in their filters and is therefore that we can be found that the shipment of our legitimate post office is catalogued as Spam.

Next we detailed a series of operations to realise to come up that our post office are catalogued as Spam.

First of all it is important to know the main method that uses operators Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo to identify when an email is Spam or no.
The method is based on verifying the percentage of €œclaims€ of its users to a same servant of mail.
This means, that if you send emails to users of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, and have obtained that these mails arrive at the inbox but the adressees mark your mail as Spam, the following emails that you send (although they are to other adressees) also will arrive at the Spam tray.
You are not the one who decide if your emails is Spam or no, are the adressees, for that reason you cannot decide if your emails arrives at the inbox or no.

As sending emails to the inbox and that does not go to Spam?

  • It forms the hostname of the servant: This you can do it from the Control Panel SolusVM. You must make sure that the hostname responds ping, therefore, must exist an entrance in your servant DNS who makes reference to the hostname.

  • It forms the inverse PTR: If you have formed the hostname of the servant in the previous point, from the SolusVM panel, in the eyelash €œNetwork€ you have the option to declare the inverse one. It is very important to have the inverse one declared so that it is possible to verify the legitimacy of an IP. In this way you are indicating the operators who that IP is yours and who your you are the person in charge of her and who therefore is somebody behind those shipments. Normally spammers does not declare the inverse one to avoid that a complete domain is blacklistado, but does not send Spam, does not have to be scared in this point.

  • It forms registry SPF at level DNS of your domain: In this way, you are verifying the legitimacy of your servant of exit of emails and that nobody is trying to send emails from another servant being become to happen through you.

  • Landpage in the shipment IP: This is to create a page where he is visible the information of your company and the information of contact to report abuses. For example, if the IP from where you send emails is:, that when entering this IP from any navigator sees information of your company and contact.

  • It verifies the Fail-Delivery: It reviews in your logs of /var/log shipment, if they have many errors of shipment. He is typical that spammers makes sweepings by Internet in search of directions of email to which to send its Spam, but many of those directions no longer exist. The operators as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo verify if you try to them to send post office to directions that no longer exist, and if beams many shipments to nonexistent directions, are certainly are going to you to consider SPAMMER and your mails is not going to continue entering the inboxes of the users.

You have all these perfectly formed directives and your does mails continue arriving as Spam?

  • To register itself in the JMRP to obtain information on your mails in Junk - > Here
  • To register itself in Hotmail SNDS to verify as they are mails that you have sent as Spam. > includes the IP of your servant Here -
  • Lee as you must send the post office to the accounts of Gmail - > Here
  • Lee as you must send the post office to the accounts of Yahoo - > Here
  • To ask for to Yahoo the putting in white list of your IP with this form - > Here
  • Lee as you must send the post office to the accounts of AOL - > Here

You have already made all the previous points, Your does mails continue arriving as Spam?
You are SPAMMER! You do not have anything to do. Dedicate you to another thing.

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