We already #***aed-refl mng ourselves until we ourself, it pleases to us to offer this new and fantastic promotion of 95% of discount in all our services.
Valued services: Hosting, Streaming Radio, Reseller Hosting, Reseller Streaming, Servers VPS and Storage Backup FTP.

COUPON OF 95% OF DISCOUNT (Monthly): 95-FEB-17

COUPON OF 50% OF DISCOUNT (Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual): 50-FEB-17

- They can apply it to clients new and clients with services already contracted.
- Coupons only valid to contract new services.

- For already active services, as always we reduce costs and we extended without previous notifications, all you benefit from each improvement that we realised in our services for new clients.

* valid Promotion until the 28/02/2017.
* the promotion is not appellant (payment is only applied 1º), can choose the cycle of invoicing that wishes.
* They are excluded: The Dedicated Servers, Licenses and Certificates SSL, Registry of Domains and Transference of Domains.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017