Servers VPS SSD

Cheap Deprived Virtual servers with Hard disks SSD

Cheap servers VPS with Hard disks SSD

The yield that you look for with the best Servers VPS (Servidor Virtual Privado) SSD and SAS 15K of the market, thanks to the great quality of our Processors of last generation, (Intel Xeon

®), with Hard disks SSD and SAS 15K. We offer Systems of Protection Anti DDOS in all our Cloud infrastructure.

Servers VPS

Servers resulted with Software OnApp in Cabins of Network of 10 G. Panel of SolusVM Administration. Datacenters located and France. We offer the best quality and the cheapest prices of all Internet.


Security, power and independence with our Servers VPS SSD

Own infrastructure

Technical support

We work with own Infrastructure of Resulted Servers (Cloud), of this form we can guarantee a greater stability and attention to our Servers VPS. Our Datacenters Are located (GlobalSwich) and France (Illiad).

Technical support 24/7/365

Cloud infrastructure

We have qualified technical personnel working the 24 hours of the day, every day of the year. Constantly our personnel monitors our Servers VPS. If a problem takes place, it can be calm, the incidences are taken care of immediately.

Guaranteed yield

All our Servers VPS are under the last technologies of hardware, with processors of last generation Intel Xeon

®, Hard disks SSD, Routers Resulted with ports of Network of 1 Gbps and Sofisticados Fire-guards with Anti DDOS
Mini servers VPS SSD:

These Servers VPS are oriented to carry out tasks of low consumption of resources, for the use of scripts simple and simple webpages. For these plans of Servers VPS €œwe do not offer Administration€. Mini VPS CPU RAM SSD Traffic Connection
Price To form Mini VPS 1 1 2,8 x GHz 512 Megabyte 5 GB 2 TV
250 Mbps
$4.30USD/Month To form Mini VPS 2 1 2,8 x GHz 768 Megabyte 8 GB 4 TV
250 Mbps
$6.45USD/Month To form Mini VPS 3 2 2,8 xs GHz 1024 Megabyte 12 GB 6 TV
500 Mbps
$8.60USD/Month To form Mini VPS 4 2 2,8 xs GHz 1,5 GB 15 GB 8 TV
500 Mbps


To form
Normal servers VPS SSD:

These plans of Servers VPS are more powerful, will be able to realise any type of task, to install any software or panel. In these servers we offer Administration and Installation €œFREE€ of cPanel, Plesk, WHMSonic and CentovaCast. Normal VPS CPU RAM SSD Traffic Connection
Price To form Normal VPS 1 2 3,4 xs GHz 2048 Megabyte 25 GB 10 TV
1 Gbps
$12.90USD/Month To form Normal VPS 2 4 3,4 xs GHz 4096 Megabyte 50 GB 10 TV
1 Gbps
$28.10USD/Month To form Normal VPS 3 6 3,4 xs GHz 6144 Megabyte 75 GB 10 TV
1 Gbps
$45.00USD/Month To form Normal VPS 4 8 3,4 xs GHz 8192 Megabyte 100 GB 10 TV
1 Gbps


To form

Services Including in our Servers VPS:
These are the main services including in our plans of Servers VPS SSD.

Servers VPS Escalables

Normal or Mini
You can change of plan when you wish with all facility as his project grows.

Control Panel

SolusVM in Spanish
Control Panel SolusVM in Spanish. He will be able to initiate, to stop and to reinstate his Operating system.

Backup copies

Backups Daily
We daily endorse all the information weekly and in external servers.

Immediate activation

Automatic systems
The activation of our Servers VPS is automatic, will receive its data right away.

Operating systems

Linux - OpenVZ
It uses the operating system that adapts more to your needs: Centos, Debian, Ubuntu€¦

Infrastructure CLOUD