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Connection: Services of Web Hosting with Hard Discs SSD

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Connection: Registry and Transference of Domains

Connection: Cheap Hosting with cPanel and Hard disks SSD

Connection: Reseller Cheap Hosting with cPanel and Hard disks SSD

Connection: Servant of Cheap Streaming Radio, MP3 and AAC

Connection: Reseller Cheap Streaming, WHMSonic and CentovaCast

Connection: Servant VPS in Cheap with Hard disk SSD

Connection: Licenses and Certificates SSL

Connection: Dedicated servers Intel Xeon with Anti DDOS

Connection: Systems management for Dedicated Servers VPS and

Connection: Servers of storage (Backup FTP)

Announcements and Promotions

Our Announcements and Outstanding Promotions

Connection: A±o Nuevo, New Prices in Your Hosting Store, verifies it.

Connection: New promotion for these Merry Christmas of the 2016 of 50% of Discount in all our services.

Connection: New promotion for November of 50% of discount for all the services.

Connection: New promotion for October of 50% of discount for all the services.

Connection: We are in constant progress there am innovation - New services: Certificate, systems management SSL and New License of SolusVM, cPanel, WHMSonic and Installatron.

Connection: We already give it everything, new promotion of 95% of discount in all the services, to that delays.

Connection: We present Your Hosting Store in one of the listings of more important companies of Hosting of the sector.

Connection: PROMOTION - Coupons of 80% and 50% of Discount for the Month of April.

Connection: A month free in all our Servers VPS SSD .

Connection: New promotion of a 50% in all our vps hosting with cpanel.

Connection: Black Friday has already arrived at Your Hosting Store, we have not returned crazy

Connection: Main section of our new promotions and supplies.

Connection: PROMOTION - 1 Month Free to Contratar Any Product or Service of Your Hosting Store.

Frequent and Tutorial questions - FAQ

Frequent and Tutorial questions - FAQ

Invoicing and Hiring of Services

Connection: As they are the payment methods that utilizais?

Connection: They offer Guarantees and Return of Money if I am not satisfied?

Connection: They offer some period of test?

Connection: Exist hidden or additional do positions?

Connection: I have to sign some contract type?

Connection: Exist a minimum does time of hiring of the plans?

Connection: I can resell the services of

Connection: With whom I can contact if I have doubts of adverbance sales or on the payments?

Information on Web Hosting Hosting

Connection: What is hosting or Web Hosting?

Connection: I already have a domain. I can use it with my plan of lodging Web?

Connection: Which plan of Web hosting I must choose?

Connection: How long take does the activation of the Service of Hosting?

Connection: Story with a Panel of Administration?

Connection: I can install the applications that wish easily?

Connection: I have help or technical support?

Connection: Does Whatever take the service of technical support in answering?

Connection: I can change of if at any time outside necessary plan?

Connection: I have access FTP, as I can accede, so that it serves?

Connection: How I create a mail account?

Connection: They support data bases MySQL?

Connection: As they are Servers DNS of

Connection: My emails arrives as Spam How I solve it?

Connection: Where located physically their are servers of Web Hosting Hosting?

Questions on Services of Reseller Hosting

Connection: What is a plan of reseller hosting and so that I can use it?

Connection: Have don't knowledge in reseller, you you can help me?

Connection: How much they take in activating my account to reseller?

Connection: What is the Control Panel of the Service of Reseller?

Connection: I can realise upgrade of my Plan at any time?

Connection: What are the Scripts Pre-Install or Aplicaciones in a click?

Questions related on Domains Web

Connection: What is a domain name, meaning of domain name?

Connection: What types of domains he has?

Connection: Why I need a domain and why?

Connection: How much it costs to register a domain?

Connection: How much one takes in registering a domain?

Connection: How I can verify if a domain is available?

Connection: What are do the DNS of a domain and why serve?

Connection: That means when in a domain they are estan propagating the DNS?

Connection: Does the registry of a domain imply to have accounts of mail and hosting?

Connection: I can transfer a domain registered in another recorder to Your Hosting Store?

Connection: How much take a bought and payable does domain already in being available again?

Questions on Servers VPS

Connection: What is the difference between Web Hosting and Virtual Servant?

Connection: Which is the datacenter where are located servers VPS?

Connection: What is the speed of the connection of the servers?

Connection: Tutorial of how installing cPanel by means of SSH by commandos

Connection: As installing Remote desktop software in Linux?

Tutorial Streaming and Reseller Streaming

Connection: For Reseller WHMSonic (remarketers radio) How to create a radio account streaming?

Connection: Tutorial video on the use of the WHMSonic panel and to create a Car DJ

Connection: Tutorial on as automating its Car DJ with (DJ MANAGER) and creating different users for its Car DJ.

Connection: Tutorial on as installing and forming SAM Broadcaster to emit with a radio servant streaming.

Connection: Tutorial to use the Generator of Reproducers normal Shoutcast MP3 without RTMP

Connection: Tutorial on as using the Generator of Reproductive AAC EXTRA with protocol RTMP

Connection: Tutorial and codes for movable devices of how inserting the bellboys in its website and streaming by means of the connections RTSP can reproduce his that we provided to them.

Area of Unloadings

Area of Unloadings

Connection: Reproducers, Software and Scripts

Support and Utilities

Connection: Contact of Pre-sale

Connection: To send Ticket of Consultation

Connection: Generator of Reproducers ShoutCast MP3 in Basic FLASH and HTML5

Connection: Generator of Reproducers ShoutCast MP3 and AAC in HTML5

Connection: Programmed interventions and open incidences

Connection: State of our Servers

Corporative and Legal

Connection: On us and Infrastructure

Connection: Legal warning and Methods of Contact

Connection: Terms of the Service and Conditions of Use

Connection: Policy of Privacy

Connection: Policy of Cookies

Summary of Services and Cart

Connection: Summary of Services

Connection: To see Car of Orders

Connection: Search Domain

Connection: To register Domain

Connection: To transfer Domain

Connection: Massive registry of Domains

Connection: Massive transference of Domains

Connection: Hosting SSD

Connection: Reseller Hosting SSD

Connection: WHMSonic radio

Connection: CentovaCast radio

Connection: Reseller WHMSonic

Connection: Reseller CentovaCast

Connection: MINI servers VPS

Connection: NORMAL servers VPS

Connection: Licenses and Certificates SSL

Connection: dedicated server hosting

Connection: Systems management

Connection: Servers Backup FTP


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