Tutorial on as installing and forming SAM Broadcaster to emit with a radio servant streaming.

Tutorial - Installation and configuration of SAM Broadcaster.

In this document it will find all the information necessary to begin to emit his programs of radio through Internet with software SAM Broadcaster.

Step 1: Installation of SAM Broadcaster.

Step 2: Configuration of SAM Broadcaster.

*El software can unload it from the following connection: https://tutiendahosting.com/downloads

Step 1

Installation of SAM Broadcaster software.

First that we must do it is to install the software of SAM Broadcaster.

We execute the installation file: SAM Broadcaster v4.9.1 x32-bit.exe

We have installed the program, already we click double on the icon of the writing-desk and we executed it.

We beat following until finalizing.

We close the program, eye that is not diminished in the bar of tasks, to close it also of has.

Next we will have to execute the file: SAM.Broadcaster.x86.v4.9.1.exe patch

Once opened to beat to apply patch, we looked for the folder where SAM Broadcaster settled to us, by defect is:

C:\Program You case out (x86) \ SpacialAudio \ SAMBC

The program would be patched as if we had it original.

Step 2

Configuration of SAM Broadcaster software.

Once opened we positioned ourselves in MENU WINDOW and we selected section €œENCODER€

The section activates €œencoders€ where beating on symbol +, we accede to several types of sound coders, in our case:

We select the option: Mp3 (Recommended) and we beat on button OK, next is to us the option to form that to encoder.

In this first eyelash, we have to select in €œFORMAT€ the quality of contracted emission.

In the second eyelash we selected in our case SHOUTCAST,

We also select V1,

Later in detail of the Server:

- IP of the servant

- The port

- Password to emit

All this would find it within its Control Panel of WHMSonic.

Once realised this process, we accepted beating in OK and we return to our program, SAM4, are due to fix again to section €œENCODERS€.

We must press on the button PLAY (with cursor form that aims at the right) that is located after itself €œ€“ €œ. If everything works as it must, we will connect with our servant, and we will already be able to begin to emit.

If it has some doubt or it consults it does not doubt in contacting with us.

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