Black Friday has already arrived at Your Hosting Store, we have not returned crazy, we offer a coupon to you of 40% of discount in all our services with cycle of Semester and Annual invoicing, and of 60% of discount with cycle of Monthly and Quarterly invoicing.

- Valued coupons only for new hirings.

- They can apply it to clients new and clients already active appellants.

Valued services: (Hosting, Streaming Radio, Reseller Hosting, Reseller Streaming, Servers VPS and Storage Backup FTP).

DISCOUNT 40% (Semester and Annual): BLACKTTH40

DISCOUNT 60% (Monthly and Quarterly): BLACKTTH60

* valid Promotion until the 28/11/2015.
* the promotion is not appellant (payment is only applied 1º), can choose the cycle of invoicing that wishes.
* They are excluded the Dedicated Servers, Licenses, Registries and Transferences of Domains.

Friday, November 27, 2015